“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill

Welcome to Struggle and Growth, a website focused on the development of an unconventional lifestyle.

More than being simply a self-help blog, Struggle and Growth is about discovery: discovering what the world has to offer, discovering individuality, and discovering new ways of thinking and being.

This website hopes to not only provide answers and insight, but to ask questions.

This site also hopes to provide concrete tips and knowledge and to do more than just add vague ideas and feel good self-help power talk to the discussion.

LIFESTYLE, DISCOVERY, and UNCONVENTIONALITY are the overarching themes of the site, but many other topics fit under these. Topics include (but are not limited to) things such as:

  • Adventure
  • Travel
  • Culture
  • The Arts
  • Music
  • Self Sufficiency
  • Personal Productivity
  • Creativity